What’s Going On?

Hi everyone! My apologies for being away for so long: the past several months have been chock full of activity!

Firstly, I spent a week in San Diego, CA, taking refresher courses for CPAs and Enrolled Agents (as well as other tax professionals). I’ll share more information about that in a future post. To put it simply, I fell in love with California. I don’t anticipate an immediate move, but if the right opportunity appears, I would be open to living on the West Coast.

Secondly, I have a brand-new preschooler! She loves school, but the new routine has required me to make a few adjustments. Even little things, like spending 15 minutes working on homework – yes, she has homework – can really throw off the normal flow of the evening. It’s been totally worth it, though: she has been making new friends and has a great time every day. And yes, she’s learning new things. Every evening, she shares what she learned in school.

Lastly, I’m back in school myself! I decided to take a Corporate Finance class, just to expand my skill set. I have no interest in working for anyone’s finance department! I just love numbers and seeing how certain concepts connect to create a complete financial picture. One thing that I know for sure is, exposure is better than ignorance: I’d rather learn all that I can than to find myself ill-equipped to deal with a specific finance issue. Besides, even small businesses benefit from concepts that are taught in corporate finance courses. So here I am, back in school!


So, this post was just a quick catchup, before I get back onto my normal posting schedule. Talk to you all VERY soon!

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