Other Services

Along with my signature program, several other services and programs are available. Please view the options below. All services include a free consultation.

Financial Analysis (starting at $1800)

This is an in-depth analysis of tax returns (up to 2 prior years), bank accounts (up to 2 accounts, no more than 18 months of bank statements for each account), wage statements (up to 2 years), retirement accounts, investment accounts and credit reports. This review will not only look at your previous financial behaviors, but will identify areas for improvement and potentially harmful patterns. Consideration of additional tax years and bank accounts can be accommodated for a fee. At the conclusion of the Financial Analysis, you will have greater clarity and you will be inspired to take positive action!

Short Term Financial Plan (starting at $1800, must have previously purchased the Financial Analysis)

This comprehensive plan provides financial guidance to be applied immediately. The plan responds to the data gathered during the Financial Analysis, and offers solutions that resolves your immediate concerns. The result of the Short Term Financial Plan is simply, easy-to-implement guidance that produces tangible and intangible benefits now and for months to come. The plan includes weekly to-do lists and reminders to help you stay organized as you get your finances on track.

Long Term Financial Plan (starting at $1800, must have previously purchased the Financial Analysis and Short Term Financial Plan)

This program combines elements from both the Financial Analysis and Short Term Financial Plan, to craft a plan for your long term success. This plan address your dream and long term goals, and how to meet those goals quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. This document will give you the resources you need to make informed financial decisions in the future: decision that will keep you on-target for reaching your goals. Nothing will help you realize your dreams faster than the Long Term Financial Plan.

Audit Assistance (starting at $600)

This plan is for you if you’ve received a dreaded audit letter from IRS. The basic fee covers an explanation of what is being audited, tax return review and guidance with preparing for the audit, as well as initial tax law research on your behalf. Representation, document submittal, additional research and any follow-up contact with IRS (including Appeals and Collection Unit contact) are also available. It is a very specific plan, and does not include in-depth review like what is featured in the Financial Analysis.

Hourly Consultation (starting at $350 per hour)

Do you have general or specialized questions? Do you need specific information that you’re having a difficult time locating? Do you just want to pick a tax professional’s brain? This option was made for you. If you decide to upgrade to one of the above listed packages, you will be credited for any consultations you have purchased previously, up to $500.


Please sign up for a free consultation below. You will be contacted within 3 business days to set up a time for your consultation.

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