It’s time to create the life of your dreams. Let me help you.

A prosperity plan goes beyond credits and debits, assets and liabilities, and debt-to-income ratio. These plans speak to YOU – your hopes, dreams, needs and legacy.

No two prosperity plans are alike, because YOU are an individual, and the plan that will take you where you want to go has to be as unique as you are.


Dreams. Aspirations. Goals. Each of these is considered in a Prosperity Plan. This part helps you clarify your core values and your deepest desires. We’ll discuss what you really want, and how to get your there easily.


Food. Shelter. Healthcare. Insurances. Childcare. Education expenses. All of these necessities are considered and balanced against your desires to get an accurate representation of what it will take to get to your goals.


Today. Tomorrow. Eternity. A Prosperity Plan offers suggestions of how your dreams, aspirations, and goals can be crafted into a legacy that will benefit you in the future, as well as offer benefits to your successors in generations to come.

She is a leader and advocate for full disclosure and sincere professional presentation for objective subject matter. As an aside, Tia makes tax procedure, tax law, overarching standards, ethics and tax logistics fun!!! I know that sounds like a “Weird flex” as the kids say, but, it is just that. Tia is a consummate professional. She breaks down complex tax concepts into easily digestible, buildable information packets. She is worth twice her weight in gold. Tia is my “go to” person when I need assistance explaining tax concepts to clients and she is worth every penny!!!

D. Langford