Thanks for visiting! My name is Tia Delano. I am a financial specialist, and I create customized financial plans so that my clients can reduce their liabilities, increase their net worth and create their ideal quality of life. I especially love to work with professional women that are eager to use their money to create a quality lifestyle now, as well as prepare for their futures.


I have nearly 15 years of unique, specialized experience. My professional background includes retailing precious gems, metals, and luxury timepieces, which first exposed me to high quality items and how those items can serve as investment vehicles and lifestyle enhancers. I went on to work in international tax law and railroad legislation. During my time working within the International Tax Law division of Internal Revenue Service, I had a perfect appeals record, with all cases that I submitted to IRS Appeals Unit being found in my favor. I also worked on numerous pilot programs, assisting IRS with streamlining processes for international audits. After leaving IRS, I applied for my Enrolled Agent licensure, the highest professional credential awarded by IRS. I received the Enrolled Agent distinction in 2013. During the time I was awarded my Enrolled Agent license, I found my way into the railroad legislation field, working with domestic and global law firms that were acquiring, abandoning, and discontinuing rail service within the United States.

My educational background includes undergraduate studies at Reynolds College and Old Dominion University, as well as numerous seminars, workshops, and other training sessions that helped me hone my expertise.


The inspiration for my business came when I left IRS. After seeing countless people that had been given poor advice, I knew that I had a duty to educate anyone that was willing to learn more about taxes. I also saw how many people were financially vulnerable, because they didn’t know all of the opportunities available to them. It dawned on me that I could finally help people, in a way that felt comfortable and rewarding. As an independent consultant, I could craft my own system to serve the people that wanted MORE: less debt, more financial security, and higher quality lifestyles. When I’m not designing prosperity plans, I enjoy cooking, writing, and dancing around the house with my family.

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