Why YOU Need A Skills Audit & Values Assessment

What You’re Experiencing

A job you hate, a position that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth, or a bunch of opportunities that always feel like a bad fit. Also, feelings of overwhelm, frustration, boredom, or stagnancy.

How I Can Help

I conduct a skills audit, to show you what you’re good at, identify the skills that you enjoy using, and give you a plan for making the most of those skills. Then I assess your values, giving you a compass for what you need to live your happiest life. Finally, I show you the sweet spot between your skills and your values, revealing your ideal career.

What You Desire

Work that you love, pays you well, opportunities to explore your talents. Fulfillment while working, or, at minimum, some fun while you make money. The chance to love what you do for money.

What You Can Expect

A clear, easy-to-follow plan that will lead you directly to work that pays you well and leaves you happy and fulfilled. Your plan is 100% unique to you, and will show you exactly what you need to do in order to be paid well for work that delights you. Follow the plan, and you’re guaranteed to finally experience vocational delight and purpose.

Let’s build something great together.