Modern Money Keys: An Introduction

Hello friends! As we begin transitioning from the summer months to the fall season, many of you are probably looking ahead and trying to figure out what information you need to make better money choices going forward. There’s nothing quite like the change of seasons to highlight that you, individually, would like to make certain changes.

For that reason, I’m starting a Modern Money Keys series, which will be a few posts highlighting principles that can help tremendously with your financial planning and decision making. I have a lot of materials that I’ve studied in regards to what it takes to overhaul your money mindset and I’ve also experimented with a host of tools related to these materials. I’ve seen a lot that works, and even more that doesn’t work *if* you goal is to grow, save, spend and earn your money in an enjoyable way.

Most of what we’ve seen when it comes to finance is akin to drudgery, miserliness, and settling on penury to reach our goals. It’s so odd that so much of what is taught about money is so strict and miserable, because money – when handled in alignment with your values, with love and with respect – is joyful and abundant. Money can be so much fun to possess as well as to spend!

Yes, it can be managed with tedious and austere energy, if that delights you (and some people do feel more comfortable handling money in this way: if this is you, I don’t knock it!). However . . . If you want to have fun with your money but also have it grow abundantly, support the things that matter to you, and prepare for your future, then this Modern Money Keys series is for you. I’m going to discuss some larger principles related to money, and then break down the practical ways to embrace these principles, while still having a good time and feeling like this isn’t “hard work”. Because you should enjoy how you handle your money: how it comes in, how long it stays, as well as how it recirculates back into the world should ALL delight you!

Do you have any money questions that you’d like answered during this series? Please let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to include it when I write future posts!

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