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I was out of the loop for a bit, as I took care of some major business that needed my attention. But I’m officially BACK and ready to assist you all with achieving your financial goals.

For starters, I am eliminating some of my services. This is in an effort to serve you all better and so that I can focus any continuing education and research on financial topics that are most important to YOU. For the most updated list of services available, please see the Other Services tab.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the box below. I look forward to hearing from you!

I’m Back!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful summer thus far! It’s officially mid-July and I’ve experienced a few changes (moving into a new home, taking on extra assignments at my day job, and finishing up some work with a few clients) so it’s been busy for the past several weeks. A hiatus was much needed!

Now I’m officially back on the blog and ready to give you all information to help you reach your financial goals. Please stay tuned for a few posts this week.

Talk to you all very soon!

Building Your Finance “Dream Team”

Now that you have your “Ultimate Financial Organizer“, you may be wondering how to fill it in. (What do you say? You don’t have yours yet? Well then, click HERE to get it!) Each of the sections are designed to be useful to you as you organize your finances. This post will discuss your finance team and the roles of each person involved.



The purpose of your accountant is to review your finances, prepare tax returns, and help reconcile your financial records at your request. Your accountant’s role may or may not overlap with the roles of the financial advisor. Most accountants work within the “past”, as far as preparing reports to reconcile previous financial actions, while the financial advisor works on future goals/ventures and attempt to project which future actions would result in financial gain.



Attorneys are great for discussing a wide variety of legal issues. Attorneys can help you write wills, set up estates and trusts, draft contracts, and represent your interests in court. Attorneys generally don’t work with your financial figures (that’s up to the accountant, banker, and financial advisor) but they understand the legal repercussions involved with certain courses of action. Everyone will either need or work with a lawyer at some point in life. It’s best to shop around in advance and find one that can assist you so that, if you need one, you won’t have to do a mad dash to find someone reputable. Your attorney should know all of the other members of your team, since the legal advice provided may very well affect the services provided by the other team members.



Regardless of where you bank, having a good relationship with one of the bank/credit union representatives is crucial. The biggest flaw I see when people discuss their banks or credit unions is that they UNDERUTILIZE the resources provided. They allow these institutions to hold their money, but they don’t ever see what benefits and services are provided, other than savings and checking accounts and loans. Either drop in or schedule a time to meet with one of your financial institution’s advisors. Let them know that you want to learn about all of the services that the bank/credit union offers. A good representative will be too thrilled to go over the details with you. As soon as you find a rep that you feel comfortable with, consider him/her part of your Finance “Dream Team”.


Financial Advisor

This person could be your accountant or your banker. You can always hire ME as well (wink wink). In any case, the financial advisor partners with you, in creating a wealth plan that mirrors your values and is aligned with your goals. The right financial advisor is a visionary, that helps make your financial dreams a reality. Just like the rest of your finance team, your financial advisor should be someone that makes you feel comfortable, that listens to you and is honest, creative, and a good communicator. Along with your attorney, the financial advisor should know about all of the other individuals on the team and have some sort of relationship with them. The advice provided by the financial advisor directly influences the services and programs you explore with the other team members.


Insurance Advisor

No one wants to leave their assets vulnerable. Insurance is a must, and can very well mean the difference between years of comfortable lifestyle and a destitute existence. Many people have NO IDEA what kind of insurance they need, other than what is required by law (auto insurance for car owners, renters insurance for tenants, etc.). The key to having an excellent insurance advisor is finding one that doesn’t try to sell you EVERYTHING that the company offers. When you find an insurance advisor that focuses on creating the best insurance package for YOU, as an individual, you’ve found a winner. Always consult with your financial advisor and attorney to make sure that you have adequate insurance, and to verify that the insurance advisor has done a good job with creating a package for you.


Religious Advisor

This seems like an unlikely choice for a member of your Finance “Dream Team”. However, if you do have a religious affiliation, it’s very important that the advisor of your choice is aware of any financial plans that you have that involve your religion. For instance, if, upon your death, you plan on leaving a charitable donation to your religious group, then your advisor needs to know that. Likewise, if you have some religious justification for how you will fund certain goals (certain faiths discourage members from acquiring loans that charge interest), it may be helpful to have the guidance of your religious advisor.

Get Your FREE Gift!

This is just a way for me to thank you for being such awesome readers! I promised you more posts, tweets, and some goodies this month, and I hope I delivered! As the end of May draws near, I would like to share my labor of love, “The Ultimate Financial Organizer“.

I took care to make sure that this guide covered some of the major areas of personal finance, and it is a convenient way to keep your personal information in a central location. Just click here to get your guide!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I can continue to serve you and help you put your money where your dreams are!

On Connecting With Likeminded Individuals

This post is a little different from the others, as this is related to an experience that I had a little over a week ago. I had the chance to attend a business conference that encouraged me to continue offering my clients the BEST. This conference clarified some information that I received while I was building my business, but the concept of “training” was only a small part of the value I received while at the conference.


Photo I took after I got back to my room. Each business card represents an amazing entrepreneur that I met while I was at the conference.


I got the invaluable experience of CONNECTING with many likeminded women, all on similar paths, all working on taking their talents to those that need them most. I found these women SO encouraging and inspirational! There were entrepreneurs from all different walks of life, and all of us were putting the WORK into creating the lifestyles of our dreams, by offering our highest gifts to others. Not only were these women likeminded, but they were all so nice and positive. Everyone was kind and genuinely wanted everyone else to succeed.

As a rule, I try to limit my exposure to “feel-good” rhetoric that is all emotion and little action. I was thrilled that the conference was NOT a bunch of endless chatter with no one actually DOING what they say that they want to do. Everyone in the room was committed to taking action, were already on their paths, and/or able to share how they have gotten tangible results from the actions that they have taken! Honestly, how many of us have walked away from an event and said, “Now THERE’S a group of folks taking action”? It’s a rarity, I assure you. I was delighted to see that this conference wasn’t a bunch of meaningless talk.


The conference ended with the hostess offering the audience the chance for intense, targeted coaching that would guarantee success. Knowing that I have many obligations this year, I declined the opportunity. If I was willing to forgo some of those obligations, then I would have committed to the program. But in any case, I’m honored to have been in the presence of so many amazing women, and I’m so happy that I took advantage of this conference. Being in the presence of so many likeminded women was so inspirational, and I’ll cherish this experience forever.

If you are interested in learning more about the conference, please visit the Happy Black Woman website and Facebook page for more information. I think you’ll find it very useful!

This Website is One Month Old!

I’m so excited to announce that this website is officially one month old!

I’m still learning so much, as I have never worked on WordPress so extensively. I have found myself accidentally submitting blog posts when what I meant to do was save them as drafts (that has happened more than once, and actually happened earlier today)! I found out- the hard way- that the beautiful colors I’d selected were only available under Premium accounts. I learned about email forwarding, sharing on social media, and the amazing convenience of scheduling posts.

Working through the details of a business, then going into the creation of a website, was quite the undertaking. I’m just glad that I’m finally on this path. I look forward to sharing more valuable information with you all in the future! In the meantime, I will be celebrating this one month anniversary!