Weathering Tough Times – Financial Advice

Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought this post would be ready by last Friday, but COVID-19 seized my home, and every project I had was delayed. My apologies for the premature posting!

However, I’m feeling better after a weekend of rest and intense self-care. And now, I can share this great information that I got from one of my new contacts, Lawrence V. Roberts.

Lawrence is a financial advisor for New York Life, and he has kindly shared with me an easy checklist for ensuring that you cover your financial bases. Below, you can see the tips that he provided.

The takeaways from the list that Lawrence provided all speak to one thing: preparation can take care of a lot of things, but you can’t control all of life’s curve balls. So, having consultants can help tremendously in helping you to pivot when you hit a rough patch. There are as many strategies as there are consultants available to assist you, but reviewing this list can help you identify the “holes” in your strategy, and which things you can address, as well as what things you can outsource to a consultant.

If you’re interested in Lawrence’s services, you can reach out to him using the information shown on the flyer. He can help you with planning and preparing for emergencies, especially when it comes to life insurance options. Insurance is KEY for protecting your income in case of emergency and unexpected events.

I’ll be back in a few days to go over some more tips and strategies that I hope you will be helpful to you all. I’m currently researching a few things related to the metaverse, NFTs, and other developments in the digital space. So look out for that soon!

Welcome to 2022! What Will You Create This Year?

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2022!

I hope you all have been safe and blessed this past year, and I wish upon you more safety, good health, love and wealth in the year to come.

I had every intention of posting more throughout 2021, but there were a lot of changes in my offline life that made that difficult. That main change was this –

I didn’t know if I wanted to offer financial advice anymore.

In hindsight, I realize that was a bit absurd: even if I didn’t offer my musings online, my offline family and friends would still ask me money questions, I would still take continuing education courses to maintain my license(s), and I’d still be fascinated by the worlds of money, tax and wealth. So, for me, there was no way to avoid being part of this world.

Yet, I still questioned whether this is what I wanted long-term. I had originally structured this space for coaching and consulting, but I realized that the coaching options were not my ideal setup, and consulting still didn’t resonate. Now I understand that I don’t have to do either one: I can simply share tips here and there, offer some advice, and if it feels inspired, offer options that allow a deeper dive into certain concepts.

So I’m back – on my terms, and in my power. And I’m excited to share the things that I’ve learned over the past several years with you all: I’ve got some tips for wealth creation that will be mind-blowing! I’ll resume with my posts next week, and we’ll take this dive into the world of money together.

I hope you all will join me on this journey: I’d love to share it with you all! Until then, have a great weekend, take care, and I’ll talk to you all soon!